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The idea of Simple Fotos started as a family affair.  With a large family of 5 children and 13 grand-children, the need to take great photos just because a way of life for us.  The difficult part wasn't our desire to take photos but the logistics in a actually getting it done.  When you're putting events together, you think of just about everything except, "who's going to take the pictures while we are running around entertaining our family and friends.


When we started looking into photography services, it was obvious that there was a real need out there for affordable, quality photography.  As we reviewed the various sites on the internet we noticed that there were some excellent artists out there, but none of them offered the best service of simply taking photos; thus Simple Fotos was born!


If you research popular digital photography you will discover that the extraordinary cost is directly associated with the fact that the photographer has to spend a tremendous amount of time after the actual event, re-touching all the photos in order to create some extraordinary photos and exquisite art.  Which are all very wonderful except, what if all you really wanted were someone to take photos of your child's birthday party or your company's Christmas party or your daughters' sweet sixteen?  What if your budget did not allow for you to spend over $1,500 just to take pictures?



We became committed to finding the ability to offer everyone a great product for an affordable price.  Being a family run, veteran owned, small business, we are especially understanding of the need for both families and businesses to find the best way to spend smartly without sacrificing product quality.


At Simple Fotos we use some of the latest technology in DSLR Digital Photography to capture your photos.  Though it may be common for most of today's families and business to possess digital cameras, we use Nikon cameras which are considered some of the best available.  The investment we made in our equipment helps us capture remarkable images that require no significant amount of time re-touching photos.


By carefully keeping our overhead costs low, not spending a significant amount of time re-touching photos, and providing a quality product with convenient options; we have been able to keep our clients satisfied with our service.  We pride ourselves on customer service and the fact that we have a large repeat client base.  We are certain that if given the chance, you too will become a satisfied client.


Simple Fotos is committed to providing you, your family, and friends with long lasting photo memories.                       

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